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A day in my life: Empowerment

As a trainer in NewYork City, I come across so many different types of people. I find that to be so interesting; different personalities, different fitness goals/aspirations, injuries, or just clients that need inspiration.

I was talking to a club member who I have known for some time, she was telling me how she loves to exercise and how inspired she feels after a good workout. To hear that makes my job all the more worthwhile. She began to tell me that she injured her knee but was determined to push herself because she didn’t want to miss out.

I was happy to hear how motivated she was but at the same time alarmed because I knew at some point she was going to cause more damage. We are both women in our 40’s and I explained to her that I feel better now than I did in my 20’s, although I will push and challenge myself, I will not look to injure myself.

As a trainer and friend, I encouraged her to continue, but in a smart way. High impact training was only going to increase her chances of a more serious injury. I advised her to strengthen her knee with corrective exercises as well as stretching/yoga, and modifying exercises that were going to cause more pain.

A week later, she was so happy, feeling much better and extremely emotional. As she was explaining how she was feeling, I too became emotional about my own sense of being.

If I can help someone or if that person really listens to my advice and it helps, that is the best reward I could ask for. We are all evolving and learning from experiences. Isn’t that what being a good friend and coach is all about?

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