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Strength Training

I utilize a variety of modalities in my resistance training programs. Each session utilizes a combination of free weights, body weight, TRX, kettlebells, physio balls, battle ropes, and cardiovascular drills to create an efficient and effective fitness plan. I believe anyone can benefit from a resistance-training program regardless of his or her fitness level. Age, fitness level, cardiovascular conditioning, injuries, are all considered before I develop a program. Progression is key; exercises will be progressed or modified to meet your specific goals. The success of the program will be the variation in the exercise selection and the individualism of the program.


Key Benefits of Strength Training:


  • Builds muscle strength and tone

  • Weight baring exercises have been proven as a preventative to osteoporosis 

  • Aids in lowering high blood pressure

  • Raises energy expenditure in each session as well as in recovery, important for weight loss objectives

I have many clients who have injuries or had a surgery that was a result of damage to a specific area. I will have an in depth conversation with you regarding a specific injury or everyday life common issues that effect all of us. 


Throughout my career, I have trained clients with common corporate environment issues such as stress and poor postural imbalances to more serious issues of ACL injuries, meniscus tears, and rotator cuff.


Techniques such as dynamic warm-ups and self -myofascial release will be used to lengthen tight muscles to improve blood flow and range of motion. A series of corrective exercises will be used to help you move and feel better.  

As a certified pre and post natal trainer and a mother of two, I will develop training programs that will achieve fitness and wellness goals throughout your pregnancy. 


It is an extraordinary time in your life and it is important to maintain fitness levels before and after your pregnancy. Having two high-risk pregnancies of my own, it was imperative for me to be in the best cardiovascular health and feel strong.


A focus on overall strength, core stability, balance, and body awareness will ensure a safe and effective exercise program. Maintaining strength during pregnancy will translate to a quicker return to fitness post-partum.

Prenatal and Postnatal Training Benefits:

  • Reduces morning sickness

  • Increases energy

  • Reduces stress

  • Strengthens pelvic floor

  • Assists with posture

  • Aids to prevent excess weight during pregnancy

  • Reduces fatigue

  • Improves strength and endurance

  • Promotes better sleep

  • Eases labor and delivery

  • Strengthens glutes, hips, and core, which helps during delivery

Source: American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists


Our bodies are machines and we are supposed to move. Every day stress and the lack of movement either at work, sitting behind a desk, or going home to sit on the couch can lead to poor movement patterns. 


Movement is the key to life; I will help you increase range of motion through stretching techniques coupled with specific exercises.


Awareness is extremely important, and like everyone else, I too have to be aware of my posture and form. I will cue you to improve movement performance throughout our training program.

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