"I've been training with Diane for over a year and have never felt stronger or healthier thanks to her! Before working with Diane I lacked confidence in the gym. My workouts were unstructured, undisciplined and I knew I needed a change. Diane is not only passionate about fitness but also extremely knowledgeable about it too. From the moment I started training with her, I saw my perceived limits melt away as she made each workout more challenging, while still keeping it fun. Her easy going, friendly personality made me feel instantly comfortable with her and yet I'm constantly amazed at how much intensity and focus she puts towards my training. She effortlessly designs workouts which combine cardiovascular training, weights and resistance, and is highly skilled with TRX and Kettle Bell. She places a high value on correct form with each exercise I do and I feel very safe under her watchful eye. Most importantly, I'm seeing results which I could have never imagined. My energy has increased, my flexibility and balance have improved and I'm proud to show off my new muscles!  After seeing my progress, my husband has started training with Diane too and we both know we couldn't do it without her!" 
"I have worked with Diane for several years beginning after a c-section with my first child. She was instrumental in getting me back into shape and through the challenges of a c-section and was always very patient and knowledgeable about the best ways to go about it. We continued to work together through my entire second pregnancy and she helped me overcome some of the physical challenges that I had during my first pregnancy which helped make my second c-section recovery so much better than the first! Diane is very well versed in many training techniques which keeps the workouts interesting and has kept me coming back for years. She also has the perfect balance between patience for different issues and knowing when to push you to the next level to help you reach your fitness goals."


"I love my trainer Diane! She has improved the quality of my life. I previously have had a lot of pain due to very bad arthritis in my left knee but through exercising with Diane I am pretty much pain free (I have occasional flare ups and she has helps me work through them and feel better). She always makes sure you are doing the exercise properly and safely. I have been training with her for over a year and I would recommend her to anyone."
"Diane Giresi is a superb personal trainer who I have been working with for over two years.  Skilled and knowledgeable,  she not only trains, but also teaches and helps her Clients (me) understand how best to do the exercises and why they are important.  A detail oriented trainer, she pays close attention to form.  Her workouts build from one session to the next, all with the intent on helping the Client get healthier, stronger and ultimately more fit.  The training is balanced and includes weight bearing, strength building, cardio, flexibility and balancing exercises.  Her main objective is helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.   I happily and enthusiastically recommend Diane Giresi to be your personal trainer.| 

2010 - present

2010 - present

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